Good-bye Minnie-me
April 3, 2005 - April 14, 2006

On Sunday April 3, 2005 we purchased Minnie-me at Denio's in Roseville. There are photos and a video clip of that day here. The original plan was to deliver her to my sister in Reno the following weekend. But we and the other birds became attached, so we purchased a substitute to deliver to Reno, and Minnie-me became part of our family.

In March I had to rush home from work at lunch when Minnie-me got stuck in the one inch space between the cabinet and wall, and Tess was unable to get her out

On Friday April 14, 2006 we returned home from work to discover that Itchy and Minnie-me had gotten into a fight - that proved fatal to Minnie-me. Those photos are at the bottom.

Minnie-me and Scratchy were inseparable. We suspect Itchy was jealous

Just a week ago Itchy and Minnie-me on a bunny

They liked to watch us from the overhead fan

When Minnie-me's wings were clipped she was able to walk in the lettuce patch

Like the other birds, she enjoyed her flying time out of the cage

And doubling up in the mirror

This was our bird family...

But we came home to find this


So we have to say goodbye to our good friend who's life was cut short


Yellow Birdie - BlueMountain from Aunt Ingrid

Dear Little Yellow Birdie -

We are so sorry you are gone. We hope you are in birdie heaven with Erica's first Yellow Birdie.

Our sadness and condolences,

Plinkly, Sticky, Sunny and Cloudy