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Six Sigma - Detente
  Six Sigma is political EBM Industrial Dance music. Production is unique in that all lyrics are constructed from media samples. Six Sigma has received extensive airplay. Listen to the MP3 clips on this site. (This site and CD are from 1998 - some are still available))  
CD Information
torched UN flag
Six Sigma's 5 song EP "Detente" is available now on Isotope Records. The music video of "Cinco July-o" was released March 26, 1999 -- only $5 including shipping.  Demos available for Zines, A&R, and DJs.

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"Detente" CD Cover
cd cover
  • "Detente" CD Graphics by Chainsaw Design
  • Mastered by Pat at Selective Frequencies
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Cinco July-o Music Video

Lo-Res WMV File

Real Audio Clips
Select the following titles from the "Detente" EP for the complete MP3 of each song (about 4 meg)
MP3 Cinco July-o [3:44 / 115 bpm]     Welcome to America
Cinco July-o is built on samples from the CCIR video "Attack on America" which documents the July 4th 1996 attack on Americans by Mexican Nationalists in Los Angeles. ("See you next July 4th: They'll be celebrating Cinco de Mayo down here.")

                              Cinco July-o Music Video

MP3 Room For One More [3:50 / 123 bpm]
Rod Serling Room For One More is an anti-smoking song containing samples from "60 Minutes" -- including a quote from Patrick Reynolds. The title sample is the classic line from the "Twilight Zone" episode titled "Twenty-Two". ("My only memories of my father, RJ Reynolds Jr, are of the man lying down on his back, gasping for breath, counting the time he had left to live.")

The song is based on the sound of inhaling and exhaling.

Tobacco Free

MP3 Save Our State [3:45 / 120 bpm]

Save Our State contains samples of California Governor candidates Pete Wilson and Kathleen Brown debating immigration and "Proposition 187." This song appeared on Mind/Body volume 3. ("Illegal Immigration - the number one industry in California!")

MP3 Operate Alone [4:45 / 116 bpm]     Monk -see Eihei Ji!

Jimmy Stewart
Bruce Willis Operate Alone has no meaning. Vocal samples range from Bruce Willis and Jimmy Stewart (title sample from the 1949 movie "Malaya") to the "Japanese Monks of Eihei Ji Temple." ("I'm beginning to think I can...")

MP3 Maquiladora [4:06 / 105 bpm]   
  Maquiladoras are sweatshops just south of the U.S. border. The companies carry U.S. brand names, but the treatment of the workers would be criminal if the premises were one mile north. The samples are primarily from a "Dateline NBC" segment profiling Kathy Lee Gifford ("This is a very tough world.") I made an effort to make the rhythm sound like a sewing machine and factory noises.

MP3 BONUS TRACK:  Global Pillage  (performed by Chainsaw)
Global Pillage is composed and sung by Kim Berry, and performed by the band Chainsaw in March 1995. It is not included on the Detente CD. The song is based on the chapter of the same title in Garrett Hardin's book "Living Within Limits."

MP3 BONUS TRACKS: 1994 Pre-Detente CD - the dark ages before www  
  • Holiday in Haiti - Cheesy tune built on samples of a 1994 Clinton speech, prior to Monica scandal.
  • Reality - Vocoder and singing, through a stack of effects, circa1994
  • By The Rule - Vocoder and singing, circa 1995
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