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Wild Willy

Genre: Country

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[No lead sheet: Alternates between "A" and "E" in same pattern for entire song]

This song is loosely based on event at "Yori's Disco 2000" in Reno Nevada around March 1976. I was there with my girlfriend Diane - when we were both seniors at Reno High - when a guy who called himself "Wild Willy" asked her to enter the dance contest with him. I was peeved watching him throw her in the air and between his legs - but nothing else in the song actually happened.

Songs referenced in this song - in order:

These songs played at Yori's during our visits.

The Yori's building still stands at 450 Kietzke Lane in Reno - maplink - and recently closed after being a gay bar for 11 years. Before it was Yori's it was "Nashville West" - accounting for the western architecture.

Wild Willy - MUSIC VIDEO


Put you on the Drug

Genre: Rock/Rap

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This Rap/Rock song is about the overuse of prescription drugs, and primarily psychotropic drugs.

Put you on the Drug - MUSIC VIDEO


Covid Scam

Genre: Political Rock

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This song captures the political polarization over the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020.

Covid Scam - MUSIC VIDEO


Flick my BIC

Genre: Somewhat Country

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This song is inspired by the 1970's BIC lighter slogan "a flick of my BIC?" See the 1970s TV Commercial HERE



When the Poo Hits the Fan

Genre: Rock

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This song happened quick: Driving to work Friday morning November 9, 2012, AM DJs Armstrong and Getty were discussing Nat Geo "Doomsday Preppers" and used the PC term “when the poo hits the fan” rather than the more common "WTSHTF." (I had never heard of the show - videos here.)

Saturday 4am I woke with an idea for the chorus, so I started working it. By mid-morning I had the chord progressions and first verse - well - that's a song: It can take weeks to get that far - and usually never. By the evening I had recorded the core of the song and finished it 11/11.

The keyboard I bought when I was 18 was a Wurlitzer electric that has a unique sound. It was used in many top hits, perhaps most famous as the intro to Queen “You’re my Best Friend” (That is the wrong piano in the music video.) Recently I found a software "VST" version of it. That is the piano on the intro and backing through the verses.

When the Poo Hits the Fan - MUSIC VIDEO


Machines Print The Green

Genre: Hard Rock

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This song is about government and the abuse of power that has been going on as long as there were governments. Today we have a government that is controlled by multi-national corporations.


Fight in the Dog

Genre: Rock

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This song is inspired by a quote by Mark Twain:

       "It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog."

 Once I had a hook based on the quote, the rest fell together within a month.

Fight in the Dog - MUSIC VIDEO


She Dumped Me For Jesus

Genre: Country / Gospel (Parody)

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This song captures a country/gospel feel with an anti-religous spin. ("I fought in Tehran" - might raise eyebrow at Secret Service as their future war in Iran is classified information.)